tenley june / los angeles fresh 48 newborn photography

there is truly nothing I love more than fresh48 sessions. truly. seriously. madly. deeply.

getting the opportunity to forever preserve the emotions associated with bringing new life into the world is an honor and joy that I cannot fully put into words. there is nothing more honest, celebratory, and astonishing than soaking in the first full day of every detail you waited 9 months to see and feel.

amy and chris welcomed tenley june into the world on june 8th, 2016. I came to the hospital on june 9th, when she was just 35 hours old. this precious little girl, that her parents waited so patiently for, was finally here.

her button nose.
her beautiful big eyes she so greatly tries to keep open.
the way she always keeps her hands by her face.
how soft her skin is.
how she has daddy’s ears.
the way she is most content snuggled up in a ball against you.

tenley june, you are so loved. and you are finally, finally here.