the baby playgroup photoshoot

a few months ago, I was honored to be able to do a photoshoot for an up and coming business. their website is finally live, and I’m excited to introduce to you the baby playgroup!

the baby playgroup is an educational program focused on multi-sensory stimulation to enhance brain development in infants and toddlers. children get the opportunity experience multi-sensory cues to stimulate the brain to include visual tracking, audio tracking, gentle gross motor skills, music & movement, and vestibular activities.

watching babies experience things for the first time is truly one of my favorite things to witness. as an early childhood educator in an infant classroom for many years, I got to watch this first hand over and over again. there’s truly nothing like it.

if you are in the los angeles area…click through and explore! my images are featured on their website, and you can see even more from this photoshoot below.

what’s the most special for me out of all of this is this video that a mama took during the shoot. children are often so very interested in my camera, and I always let them safely explore it if they’re showing interest. I have very few images of me in action with my camera, and having this video is even more special. I just love getting to be in a child’s world. what a sacred and beautiful space it is!