los angeles family photography / the flugum family

here’s the thing. nothing about these photos is what I had envisioned. an all black and white family session?! absurd!

I could play this off as intentional, as an artistic choice. but the truth is, the reason all these photos are in black and white is directly due to the fact that nothing about this session went as planned.
the flugum family and I were supposed try something new and different. it took some coordination, some scouting, some test shooting…and I was SO excited for the day to come.
and then nothing went right.
we tried to make it work, but ultimately decided to change plans after nearly 2 hours of waiting around. I know my original vision will be achieved! just later. and it will have been worth the wait, I’m sure.

but you know what? sometimes plan B is just as beautiful, but in it’s own unexpected way.
and that’s an important lesson to know.