los angeles family photography / the steltzner family

remember ansel? who I had the honor of capturing him when he was just one day old? the only thing that was missing from that beautiful session was ansel’s 2 big sisters. the solution? spend some time with ansel and his family in their home!

bringing a new child home is always a momentous occasion. any type of order, or even feelings, you had for your living space immediately change and shift to something new and different. the family dynamics ebb and flow, rearranging to something brand new and oh so beautiful.

and seeing how ansel’s big sisters have adapted, 4 days new, to ansel now in their living space was just oh so beautiful. on some levels, things were now very different. but things were also very much the same. a brand new baby doesn’t mean we have to stop putting on our  handmade elsa dress and spin in circles to “let it go” in the living room, right? absolutely not. but a brand new baby does mean we have new quiet moments as a family of 5, rather than 4. where we cuddle on the couch in blissful silence together.

and life is good.