Tonne-Villa Family

There is nothing I love more than when I’m approached with a concept for a photo by potential client. When Pamela wrote me and said, “My kids are wild and crazy, and I want a picture of them jumping in the air to give to their grandma for Christmas”, all I could think was……Challenge. Accepted.

We ventured back to one of my new favorite spots, Ol Melveny Park, where I knew there would be plenty of open room for jumping. What great sports these kids were jumping over…..and over….and over….and over again. And then again, and again, and again. They even bravely took on my spur of the moment idea of climbing into a tree for some shots as well!

The first photo below is the winning photo, printed to a gorgeous 20×30 print- that I’m sure will look just stunning in Grandma’s home. However, I must admit that the “not-so-perfect” jumps are some of my favorite photos. I just love, love, love the candid silliness and personalities that shine through midair and between shots.

“All good things are wild, and free.” -Henry David Thoreau