we pulled the trigger!

last night, at 8:30pm, we took the last shot…the trigger shot. this shot helps with the final maturation to the developing follicles and sets ovulation in motion.

and what does all this mean? tomorrow morning is our official egg retrieval!

I have 16 follicles, with 14 being fully mature (which is really incredible!). that means 16 eggs will be extracted from me, fertilized, and given the opportunity to grow into healthy embryos. not all 16 will make it. some eggs won’t be fully mature. some won’t get fertilized into embryos. some of those embryos won’t grow to the stages that they need to.

the ultimate goal is to have enough normal looking embryos to send off for genetic testing. the fixed price of this incredibly expensive part of the process ($5000) is for up to 12 embryos.. so we hope to have at least a handful to be able test. that process will take a few weeks to get the results back, and then once we know which embryos tested as chromosomally normal- a transfer appointment will be scheduled for implanting 1 or 2 back into me.

this is it. this is happening! these last two weeks, the 22 shots that my husband gave me, the bloodwork, the ultrasound appointments……it was all leading up for tomorrow! as I’m writing this my hands are shaking. I’m nervous. I’m excited. I’m not even sure I fully grasp what our reality is right now. it’s surreal.