violet + marlo + cormac / los angeles family photography

it is my pleasure to introduce to you violet, marlo, and cormac!

I’ve known violet since about the age of her now twin brother and sister. this little girl has captured my heart, and I simply adore her spunky and charismatic personality. it has been truly incredible watching her grow from an infant to the most spirited 2 year old.

her brother and sister, cormac and marlo, are…well…delicious. and perfectly bald. and wonderfully drooly. and so fully of energy and curiosity. and look so much like how violet did, it’s crazy. it was my first time meeting them, and after a bottle and quick nap- we became bffs.

violet, marlo, and cormac are lucky enough to have grandma and grandpa watch them for a portion of the week. I loved the idea of documenting their at-home routine. it was so beautiful to watch how much loving and tender care is given to the three little ones.

a whimsically decorated home, attentive and affectionate grandparents, and 3 incredible children who are being raised by a tribe of people who love them oh so much.

I didn’t want to leave.

so I didn’t.

I actually put away my camera and played with violet for awhile… because these moments are just oh so fleeting.