what to wear

the date has been set, the contract has been signed – we are good to go! …but what to wear??

do not fear! I have created a guide to help you make fantastic wardrobe choices that will accentuate your photos, and I promise to make it as simple and stress free as possible.

the short and sweet points you need to remember:

♦ choose a neutral, warm, or cool color palette (2-4 colors within the season graphics below)

♦ wear what is your authentic self. if you are uncomfortable in your clothes, it will show in the photos.

♦ feel free mix it up with patterns, solids, and textures. be mindful of creating separation between people by not wearing the same colors or clashing patterns.

♦ compliment each other, but do not match.

♦ no lettering, large single graphics, or logos.

♦ in-home sessions: the more casual you are the better. outdoor sessions: a bit more stylized.

next! check out my pinterest board, to put a visual representation to the ideas I just listed above.


what I have learned, and what are also my personal aesthetics, are that neutral and autumn color palettes photograph best.


neutral color palette:

another direction you can go is with a warm, earth tone, autumny color palette



note that all these example images come directly from my pinterest board. if you haven’t click through it check it out, please do so now!




what is most important is that everyone is wearing what they feel good in. if you’re uncomfortable in your clothing, it will show in the photos. let your true, authentic self come through your clothes! now is not the time to put on that dress you wear for fancy occasions, or the polo shirt you make your partner wear to impress the in-laws. find your clothes that make you feel good.

each person in your family has a personality all their own, so express it! as long as you stick to same general color palette and mood, it will still form a cohesive picture. my mission is to capture what is real.

be YOU!

for in-home sessions, choose a more casual wardrobe. if you’re snuggling on the bed, are you wearing a pencil skirt and heels? probably not! your favorite jeans and tshirt are all that’s needed.

for outdoor sessions, if you’re unsure of what color palette to create- start with your favorite clothes and work backwards from there!




don’t be afraid of patterns, textures and layers.

patterns add personality, and textures and layers add interest.

however, I ask for your clothes to be free of lettering, large single graphics, or logos. 

be mindful that there needs to be enough separation between the colors of each person so that you do not blend in with one another. you want to compliment each other, not match! if one is wearing a patterned top, it is best for the other to be in a solid.



Ultimately- here’s the deal…I am here to assist you with wardrobe options! if you’re feeling overwhelmed, or just need a second opinion, you can send me pictures via text or email at any time! if you live within a 15 minute distance from me (burbank), I can even come over before your session and help you sift through your closets and find options. I am here to help!