to apply for the opportunity to be part of the #WorthTheWait series, all you need to do is fill out the application below! but before applying, please take a moment to make sure to carefully read over these details:


» applicants must have received medical intervention or assistance (IUI, IVF, etc.) in order to get and/or maintain pregnancy, or have chosen to adopt because of infertility issues 

» applications must be submitted within the 6th - 8th month of pregnancy to allow time for session planning before the birth of your baby. OR if the child is already born, they must be less than 12 months old at the time of submitting

» 1 winner will be chosen monthly by using an online random generator picker, and will not be based upon their story or my personal emotions 



» the monthly winner will receive an in-home photography session. the session is 100% gifted to the winning family by me

» the winning family will receive a personal online gallery, print release, and hi-res digital image files

» all applicants must be located in los angeles, ca or in the immediate surrounding area

» the winning family must understand that their images and personal infertility story will be shared to the public 

** by pressing SUBMIT, you agree to the terms and conditions listed above. it is imperative that you understand that the purpose of my #WorthTheWait series is to break the stigma and hush hush nature of infertility. the winning family will be asked to sign a contract prior to the session giving me permission to use your images and story on my website, social media, etc. if you are wishing to remain private about your infertility journey but are interested in a session with me, please contact me directly for my pricing and rates! **