I recently watched a TED talk by alison gopnik, titled: “what do babies think?”.  in it, she correlates the relationship between how long a childhood a species has to how smart and flexible they are. it struck a chord with me, as my other passion in life is early childhood education. I recognize how precious the early years of a child’s existence is, how they look at the world with such wonder, and how these early years set the foundation for the rest of their life. and as humans, we are designed to maximize these years. 

with my photography, getting to capture a child as they grow essentially freezes time of this pure moment that is the epitome of  learning and wonder. gopnik ends her talk with with saying, “so what’s it like to be a baby? it’s like being in love in paris for the first time after you’ve had three double-espressos.” 

I am lucky enough to have been a part of wyatt’s adventure thus far, of being three double-espressos in, in love in paris. this boy’s love of life seeps from his pores, his heart so big that any interaction with him leaves you buzzed with unconditional love.

this first photo below, I took in october of 2012.

and the following one, the latest from a mini session.

time is fleeting. it almost hurts.