zachary / los angeles newborn photography

just as every family is unique, the homes in which they live in are just as personalized. and this home, the home that 3 week old zachary is going to grow up in– is just the kind of home I hope to bring up my future children in too.

it’s a home filled with eclectic and beautiful trinkets, children’s art, handmade family heirlooms, and the smell of home cooked meals. and even more so than this home’s aesthetics, the walls are filled to the brim with love, the energy and laughter of two spunky and vivacious sisters, and parents that embrace creativity, individuality, and independence.

family snuggles on the bed consisted of silly jokes, funny faces, and insightful commentary. siblings snuggles consisted of ooing and ahhing over tiny fingers and toes.

zachary officially completes this family of 5, and one day he’ll know how lucky he is to be a part of it!